I want to give a big huge thank you to everyone who has supported my journey to get to Miss Teenage Canada! My time here so far has been amazing! Getting here was a long and hard adventure (and I’m not talking about the road trip) and I seriously couldn’t have got here without the support of you gave me.

To all my friends and family back home and even here in Ontario THANK YOU.


One last thing to help a Newfoundlander take home the crown?


To vote to me, click the link http://www.missteenagecanada.com/mtcw-finals/finalist-details/626  and then follow these steps:

Step 1: (After you click the link) create a VIP account

Step 2: Go to finalize and find me! Alyssa Cutler under Newfoundland!

Step 3: Click details by my face/name

Step 4: Enter in your email and vote!

Step 5: Spread the word! Let people know how to vote. Every vote will count!

You can vote once a day, every day! The person with the most votes will go to the top 20!


Thank you


Miss Teenage Avalon 2017

Alyssa Cutler

Written by: Alyssa
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4 Responses to Support Back Home

  1. Debbie Drover says:

    Awesome dear and good luck. xxoo

  2. Germaine Hunt says:

    Sorry we can only vote once good luck

  3. Leslie Button says:

    Nothing better than some home grown support.
    Good luck girl!

  4. Lorna Button says:

    We are so proud of you Alyssa and with you all the way Have a fabulous week

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