This blog post is a shout out to a major sponsor for Miss Teenage Canada.

nine west beautiful shoes in TorontoWe all knew that this incredible sponsor was giving us a free pair of heels for our swim suit competition. What we didn’t know is what else they had in store for us.

Yesterday we went to the Nine West store in the North York mall. They gave all 59 delegates a gift card for the store and a $25 off any purse over $120! Well of course every girl almost jumped out of their shoes from the excitement.

Their shoes are adorable! Some of the bottoms of the shoes had silver sparkles on them. Other heels came in silver and gold, perfect to dress up your outfit when you’re going on. They also had boots, black, skin colour, and white heels that were so comfortable some of the girls walked out of the store wearing them!

Bright colour? No problem! They carried pink, blue, and red shoes too! Need a purse to match? No problem! They had a wide selection of all different hand bags you can get. Some of the purse matched the shoes perfectly. Pattern and all! Other purses matched multiple shoes. One of the delegates bought a purse where the front part can zip off and you can replace it with different colours! Isn’t that the best idea you ever heard?!?! Her purse can literally match any outfit in a quick minute!

Long story short, I had a blast at Nine West. Definitely a store worth visiting. And their generosity? 100% outstanding. Not to mention that their staff were able to handle all 59 of us. They were so helpful and kind to each and every one of us. Can’t wait to go back again!




Miss Teenage Avalon 2017

Alyssa Cutler

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5 Responses to Nine West Shopping

  1. Germaine Hunt says:

    Beautiful shoes for a beautiful girl xo

  2. Leslie Button says:

    Nice Nine West one of my favourite stores.
    Have a fun filled day!

  3. clayton cutler says:


  4. Barb Baldwin says:

    Wanted to wish you the best of luck, a beautiful young lady with a big heart ❤️.
    Wanting to help people going through cancer, like you with your Mom.
    I never met her, but knew her from her friend Linda Porter.
    Met you at the last tea party.
    Best of luck, you are beautiful.

  5. Nine West Canada says:

    Thanks for the love! We were so happy to host such an amazing group of ladies!

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