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You have an addiction.

It came from the all-nighters you pulled because you failed to study for your upcoming test. Every upcoming test. It came from the long days when you needed to sit down and have a break. It came from the moments where you had your first date, to your first heart break. Your first interview, meeting for work, to catching up with old friends. It came from needing an extra boost in your day, to needing something to end the day off with.

That’s right, I’m talking about your caffeine addiction.

There’s no shame in craving the delicious creamy coffee once in a while. And there’s definitely no shame in diving into a cup every morning when you need an extra bit of energy to get you through the day. There’s no shame if that’s every day.

But you haven’t truly experienced coffee, until you have tried Coffee Matters.

Newfoundland’s hot spot, and my personal favorite coffee shop has 10 locations in the Avalon region. From CBS to St. John’s.  If you never tired Coffee Matter’s before please continue reading because I will give you 7 reasons why you should put down your boring coffee and drop into Coffee Matters for the best cup of coffee you will ever drink.

Reason #1 : The owners 

This morning I had the chance to interview the co-owner of Coffee Matters, Scott Hillyer. In the interview he mentioned how he likes to make a personal connection to all his employees.

“I can go in and talk to anyone and I can tell there concerns.” Scott said, while explaining how personal connections can truly make a difference in a work place. Often times while Hillyer is at work and the coffee shop gets crowded, he jumps in and helps his employees with any task that is needed. Other owners often come in to talk about things that need to be fixed and give lectures about things that need to change. Although Scott, and his co-owner Cyril Peach might do the same, their approach is completely different. Employees often say that “they’re here to help” and often get the chance to have friendly conversations with them both.

Reason #2: The Experience

While Scott was working at Coffee Matters at their downtown (Military road) location, an old man who often visited the shop said, “You sell experiences”.  He continued to tell Hillyer about how he comes in with his wife, who was very ill,  because of the way it can distract them from life. The shop gave them a warm and cozy feeling and it felt like a place where they can go to relax and escape their day.

Walking into Coffee Matters, you are always greeted with a friendly face and a warm welcome. It is easily one of the best places to go to meet up with friends, go on a date, or just to sit with a warm drink and a good book.


Reason #3: Family Business

Scott and Cyril’s kids are starting to work in the business and will hopefully take over in the  future. The oldest son is currently an engineer who looks after the machines. If any of them are broken, he would be the first one to call. Another one of their sons is known to be one of the friendliest cashiers. With his charm and big smile it’s hard not to come back for a second time. Their daughter is finding different ways where she can work in the business. She started out as a pastry chief, but is not looking at the nutrients in all of Coffee Matter’s products.

Sometimes working with family can be hard, but in this case it only makes their business and family connection stronger.

Reason #4: The Workers 

Coffee Matters is the largest employer in Newfoundland for people with disabilities. “I believe every person can have a job.” Scott said.

But they do more than that. One worker struggles with social anxiety. Each year she is given a new challenge to help her deal with her anxiety. This year her challenge is to bring out the food during lunch hour to the customers. By doing this and by taking steps in the right direction to handle her anxiety, she is able to enjoy her life more and live her life more freely.

Another case was when a worker struggled to read and write but had a passion to be a baker. She knew colors and was able to count up to 5. To start off her career as a baker, she learned 5 ingredient recipes and the measuring cups were color coded.  1 cup was orange and 1/2 cup was green. From there she learned how to bake. She now bakes the cookies and the cake pops.

Reason #5: Homemade 

Did you know the owners, Scott and Cyril, make the soup themselves from scratch? That’s right! Your fresh soup from Coffee Matters is made right here in Newfoundland! If you ask any worker what is in the soup, they can find out all the ingredients right away.

But that’s not all. Some of their bake goods are made from Chapman’s Bakery, however they use Coffee Matter’s recipes. Their bakery couldn’t keep up with the orders, but they still wanted the same delicious taste they always had.

Have you every tried their chicken or turkey sandwiches? It’s nice to hear that it’s 100% chicken and 100% turkey. Both are 100% protein. To make sure the meat is cooked properly, they steam it for perfection.

Homemade treats and 100% natural meat is a big enough reason to skip all the places in town and go straight to Coffee Matters.

Reason #6: Coffee

“Coffee Matters only uses certified roasted coffee.” Hillyer said.

Some coffee plants will let young kids pick the beans and do the work while getting paid little to nothing. While other plants will make sure you have an education and is above a certain age. Being a family man, Scott had to support the one that encourages kids to get an education first. “I could never make money off the backs of children.” He said. It’s much like a clothing store using a sweat shop.


Reason #7: Community involvement

The biggest thing Coffee Matters is currently doing in our community is working with the Children’s Wish Foundation to grant wishes. They signed a three year contract to grant a wish each year, but during this year they raised enough money to grant two wishes. They are hoping to do the same in the next two years.

They do several other things, like sponsoring events and help raise money for different charities. They helped Candlelighters association raise enough money to send 122 children to camp. Along with that, they’ve raised money for Choices for Youth, and volunteered for an annual soup kitchen during Christmas.

Every Wednesday, after realizing their was no soup kitchen opened for the homeless, they opened one up so people wouldn’t have to go hungry that day. They have helped other organizations get involved in feeding the homeless and making more opportunities for them to do so.

Coffee Matters is also a supporter of the Jennifer A Cutler foundation. They donated all the tea and coffee for the annual tea parties.

After explaining everything Coffee Matters does to give back to the community, Scott said, “I don’t ever want to take for granted what we have.”

The list of charities and programs could go on for much longer, but currently these are the charities that they have been focusing on. If you would like more information about Coffee Matter’s involvement in the community please go to their website and look under “community”


Can’t wait to see at Coffee Matters! For more information you can go to:

After talking to Scott Hillyer, he mentioned the best things to try. Karma Latte, Cranberry Apple Chicken sandwich, and Jam Jams. (Fact about their Jam Jams: the recipe came from Scott’s grandmother’s short bread recipe. Just a couple of changes and you get their yummy Jam Jam’s.)


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Alyssa Cutler

Miss Teenage Avalon 2017


Written by: Alyssa

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  1. Germaine Hunt says:

    Wonderful Alyssa you are doing amazing job xoxo

  2. Tina gillingham says:

    Very well written, made for an interesting read. I’m not a coffee drinker but I will definitely try to stop by for a jam jam or two the next time I visit St. John’s. Love how they are giving back to the community!

  3. clayton cutler says:

    You are such a caring loving girl we love you always nan and Granda

  4. Ashley says:

    I love this coffee shop! I didn’t know they did so much with charities.

  5. Steve says:

    I didn’t know any of this about Coffee Matters. I will definitely go there more often.

  6. Stephanie says:

    Excellent read!!! I’ll have to drop by Coffee Matters next time I’m in that way!!!

  7. Lorna Button says:

    Excellent and very interesting you are amazing with your words.

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