Finished high school! You know what that means? That’s Right! No more cafeteria food and a lot more coffee! University next year, which means a lot more sleepless nights and a lot more hours studying. Whoo hoo! Living big now Ladies and Gentlemen!

Anyone who knows me, know that I won’t be doing just my school work. (Yes I know that “knows” isn’t proper but the Newfie in me this morning is too strong and I can’t think of anything proper to replace it with.) The last few years I have been on student council, social justice, badminton, soccer, cheerleading, model UN, book club, underwater robotics, and the list goes on and on. Next year I want to be involved as well, but my intelligent, less known on social media, brother is currently in university and thinks getting involved in the first term isn’t a good plan. “You need to focus on your grades. It’s not like high school. You actually need to study every night.” He says. So I narrowed myself down on only a couple of things. My charity, possible job, and becoming Miss Teenage Canada.

Two of those thing I’ve already started. (Sorry dad, I didn’t handout resumes yet.) But this blog post isn’t about my charity, it’s about my journey to becoming Miss Teenage Canada.

Thank you everyone for your support. I know it can get annoying with all the Facebook alerts but it means a lot to me for clicking a simple like button and taking a couple minutes out of your day to read a post and make a nice comment. Thank you.

Some people have questions about the pageant and things I have to do for it. This blog post, after the extremely long intro, is going to explain some of that.


Miss Teenage Canada is a pageant that helps girls with their self confidence. Each delegate is chosen based on their passion, intelligence, creativity and drive. Over 50 girls are picked across Canada to represent their province. We all compete for the title Miss Teenage Canada in Toronto this August. However, some of our overall score can be done before the pageant in August.

Each delegate is graded on Marketing and Media, Social Media, and Fundraising. There are other categories, but those are during the pageant week.

Marketing and Media: This when the delegate does interviews. The judges would like to see how you spread your platform message through marketing. This includes newspapers, radio interviews, Tv interviews, anything published about the delegate on other websites and Facebook pages that don’t include her own. If you can help me with this, please contact me. Email:

Social Media: Each delegate sets up a Facebook page, Twitter page, Instagram, and blog page. The judges want to see how you can connect with people. The amount of likes, follows, and comments goes toward this score. If you wish to see any of my Miss Teenage Avalon pages, click the icons on the side.

Fundraising: This is my favorite portion. This year eachdelegate is fundraising for Free the Children. I love this charity. They do amazing things all around the world like building schools and wells to get fresh water in poor villages. I’ve worked with them before and they are incredible. This fundraising portion is extremely important to my overall score. If I raise the most money I will be placed in the top 20 and move further into the pageant. You also get a trip to Ecuador and attend a Me to We conference.

If you have any fundraising ideas please comment them. I am having a fundraiser on July 9th at the Lion’s club by the remax center. It’s called Pie and Sweets. There will be lots of yummy sweets for everyone. Please come out if you can. More information is on the Miss Teenage Avalon facebook page.

Sponsors: The pageant fee can be a lot. Not every delegate look for sponsors, but I would really appreciate having some.  There are three kinds of sponsors:  Individual, where one person can donate money that will go towards the pageant fees. You can do this through the gofundme page. The link will be below. Company sponsorship, where a company can sponsor me and they will get heavily promoted. All my accounts will promote their products and business in a positive way. Private sponsorship, where a company can sponsor me but they don’t want the promotion on Miss Teenage Avalon’s social media pages. 

If you would like to help out  or know anyone who would like to help out with any of these things please message me, email me at, or comment below.


Thank you for your support

Alyssa Cutler

Miss Teenage Avalon 2017 x0x0

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3 Responses to Leading up to the Pageant

  1. clayton cutler says:

    my beautiful granddaughter you have made us so proud of the women you have become good luck in Toronto but win or lose you are our girl love nan and granda xo

  2. Germaine Hunt says:

    Beautiful niece so proud of you xoxo

  3. Debbie Drover says:

    Good luck and have fun xxxooo.

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