Finished high school! You know what that means? That’s Right! No more cafeteria food and a lot more coffee! University next year, which means a lot more sleepless nights and a lot more hours studying. Whoo hoo! Living big now Ladies and Gentlemen!

Anyone who knows me, know that I won’t be doing just my school work. (Yes I know that “knows” isn’t proper but the Newfie in me this morning is too strong and I can’t think of anything proper to replace it with.) The last few years I have been on student council, social justice, badminton, soccer, cheerleading, model UN, book club, underwater robotics, and the list goes on and on. Next year I want to be involved as well, but my intelligent, less known on social media, brother is currently in university and thinks getting involved in the first term isn’t a good plan. “You need to focus on your grades. It’s not like high school. You actually need to study every night.” He says. So I narrowed myself down on only a couple of things. My charity, possible job, and becoming Miss Teenage Canada.

Two of those thing I’ve already started. (Sorry dad, I didn’t handout resumes yet.) But this blog post isn’t about my charity, it’s about my journey to becoming Miss Teenage Canada.

Thank you everyone for your support. I know it can get annoying with all the Facebook alerts but it means a lot to me for clicking a simple like button and taking a couple minutes out of your day to read a post and make a nice comment. Thank you.

Some people have questions about the pageant and things I have to do for it. This blog post, after the extremely long intro, is going to explain some of that.

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 For those who don’t already know, last year my family, friends, and I started a charity called the Jennifer A. Cutler Foundation. We would like to do several things with this. Overall, our main goal is to send a family with either the mother or father going through cancer treatments on vacation. This is important because it can help them focus on their family, think more positively, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

But of course money doesn’t just grow on trees, so we have to fundraise to reach this goal.

While thinking about all the different fundraisers we could do, not many seemed to fit. This charity was created because of my mom and we want everything to tie back to her in some way. When my nan called my dad about having a tea party fundraiser out in Centerville (my mom’s home town), it finally felt right. My mom loved having tea and sweets  with friends. Having it out home was another great point because it was the place where she met my dad, and got married, and it meant a lot to her.

So we decided to host an old fashion tea party! Women come wearing their long dresses  and hats. They sat down at a table with their friends and family. The table is covered in all kinds of treats. We had snowballs, tarts, brownies, cupcakes, date squares, pies, cakes, fruit, cheese and crackers, cookies, and more! And the best part? A gentleman comes over and serves you tea, coffee, or hot chocolate.

 The tables are set for 10 people. Some groups like to decorate their own table and put a theme to it, while others just like the bright spring colours and a flower centre piece. Regardless of what they did, all tables looked amazing!

The fundraiser went over so good, that we had one in St. John’s. My dad said the hardest part of this one was writing a new speech. I think the hardest part was deciding what treat to eat first!


I’m proud to say that this will be an annual event. If you missed in this year, be on the look out next year! In October we will be having a fake prom and we want everyone to break out their old prom dresses and photos! For more information you can look at our website

If you missed the tea party and would like to hear my dorky speech here’s the link

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xoxo Miss Teenage Avalon

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Imagine this, you’re on stage with your hair done perfectly, you’re wearing an outfit that you absolutely love, even though it was little too expensive for your parents liking, you feel the tickle on your checks from heat of the lights as you walk across stage, and  you smile big, proud of yourself for getting  this far. The audience is watching you as you gracefully enter the center of the stage and you don’t feel embarrassed or stage fright, you feel good in this moment. Others join you on stage, people you only met just a few days ago, but now they’re some of your closest friends.

The nerve wrecking moment approaches as you hold hands with your new friends. They announce the forth, third, second runner up, and now it’s time for the winner. Even if your name isn’t called, you couldn’t be happier because the person who won is now a lifelong friend. You hug and cheer with them.

This moment will always be one of the best feelings for me. I’ve competed in two pageants already and both times I was proud and filled with joy for the winners, Chanel and Jessica.

After my second pageant that was in October 2017, my dad handed me the flowers he got for me and said this was the last time. As if he wasn’t  getting used to the idea of being a pageant dad.The joke was on him because we weren’t thinking the same thing.

A couple months ago, I applied for Miss Teenage Canada. When I told my dad, he simple said “Good Luck.” quietly hoping that I wouldn’t actually get in. Well, the joke is still on him because I got accepted and won the title of Miss Teenage Avalon!

I think he’s getting more and more into his title of pageant dad because he planned a road trip to go up to Toronto with me in August so that I can compete in the competition. Although he’s still saying this is my last pageant. He could be right. If he is, then that means I need your help more than ever, because if I win the title Miss Teenage Canada, how can dear old dad turn me down when I want to enter again in the next couple of years?

I would love to have your support on this journey to Miss Teenage Canada National Pageant. Please comment, like my social media pages, invite me to your events, or private message me through Facebook or email any suggestions or things you that you would like me to promote.


xoxo Miss Teenage Avalon


Written by: Alyssa